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about Dave Averdick

Project Earth Social

Social animations created for Project Earth




Project Earth | Mistress Agency

Blake Marquis, ECD
Alfredo Adán, Creative
Zach Williams, Designer
Dave Averdick, Lead Animator


Dave Averdick

Currently freelancing in Los Angeles.

As an interactive director, I’ve managed projects that span the digital field. I understand the ins and outs of digital production, design, creative development, animation, front end development and how to tie all of these disciplines together to delever on time, under budget and within scope.

Mistress Agency | 2014 - 2018
Lead Developer and Interactive Designer

During my four years at Mistress I built the digital department from the ground up. Responsibilities as the head of digital ranged widely, and included running digital campaigns for clients, leading animation at the agency, and building and maintining the agency’s web presence.

Codigo | 2007 - 2014
Interactive Design Manager

Codigo is a technology company located in Louisville Kentucky where I lead the interactive department. During my seven years at Codigo I was in charge of building and delevering monthly subscription content to thousands of clients, developing interactive kiosk products, and building and maintaing the company website.

University of Louisville | 2004 - 2008
BFA Communication Art and Design